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318-340-360 Parts
Small Block Parts
Mopar Performance 318 340 Rear Main Bearing Set P4529281
          Aluminum Main Bearings .001 undersize     $25
 Mopar Performance 340 Anti Leak Rear Main Bearing Tri Metal  Standard Size
P4349042 Specially designed #5 main bearing made for extreme service
 high mileage engines. Features diagonal cut grooves to prevent leakage
at the rear main seal.     $10
360 Truck Oil Pan $35
Single Groove Alternator Pulley s
Part# 5213051 or 5213052 $8
Part# 2444478 $15
340-360 Iron Intake
Pulleys $10 to $40 Ea.
6 Bolt Flexplates $10 Ea.
Transmission Inspection Covers
$10 Ea.    No Small Covers